Ski Club Ski Access

The Ski Club at Mount Snow is a 1st floor condo, with a sliding glass door in the rear, leading you to a Mount Snow groomed trail called “Seasons Pass”. Here you can ski down to the Carinthia Lodge where lifts can take you to full access of all trails on Mount Snow.

Put your boots on inside the condo and make your way up an approximately 50 foot hill to “Seasons Pass“. Depending on the conditions, the climb is pretty straight forward.

If there is a packed ice condition or the climb is an issue, you can ski down to the Sundance Lodge instead of Carinthia Lodge although the trail is longer, please see map below.

For Sundance Lodge, come out the back door and make a hard left instead of climbing the hill. Ski behind the condos below via “Tags Trail” that will merge with Tin Lizzy / Seasons Pass, a condo trail, that will take you to the Sundance Base Lodge. There are no steep climbs, but be ready for some “longer flats” on the trail.

Follow Tag’s Trail to Seasons Pass to the Sundance Base lodge if Icy Conditions on the Hill
Back Door View looking up at the Hill to Seasons Pass, lots of fun happened!

Skiing has its risks, but the rewards are so worth it.
Please remember to be aware and enjoy the adventure!